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Executive Coaching Benefits

In my experience many people may not fully realize the true difference between consulting and coaching, even if they have been in the world of business a very long time. Everyone is familiar with consultants and how sometimes the advice that they deliver may not fully seem to solve the problem. For executives and office managers that are having trouble with those underneath them, it could be time to take a different approach.

Throughout history, many people have benefited from coaches. Athletes, public speakers, debaters and writers have all benefited from someone helping them understand themselves better. So why can the same not be true for the world of business?

The good news is, it can.

A good executive should understand the same thing that a good coach does, and that is that all of the people in their company or organization are people before they are employees. For all of their individual differences, one way that people are universally alike is that they are all able to perform their best when they feel comfortable, respected and allowed to be themselves.

One of the reasons that businesses can seem to stall is that they their employees may feel like they are being forced to fit into a mold that they are not comfortable with. A coach that works with an executive personally will be able to help them learn something about themselves and their potential. This can lead to revelations that can help an executive learn how to relate to their employees better.

A company executive that has begun to notice lagging sales, slower productivity and employees that feel that there is never enough time to get all of their tasks done may greatly benefit from coaching. Sometimes the only problem is that there is no one around to ask the right questions. Rather than coming in with a prefabricated business plan, a coach will be able to help develop the individual and his/her potential. Only then will true growth be able to take place.”


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