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Ballroom Dancing

I tried something new last week – I went to a ballroom dancing lesson with my wife, reluctantly, that is – very reluctantly.

While I like to try and learn new things, I must admit stepping on my wife’s toes and making a fool of myself was not my idea of spending an evening with my wife.   After years of hinting and suggesting to me “how great it would be to do this together,” I finally gave in and with trepidation, agreed to give it a try.  There I was, doing new and unfamiliar things with my wife Gwen.

So how was it?

My wife was (of course) right – it was GREAT!

While I am never going to be the next Fred Astaire, I must admit that I really had a great time. It was nice to see my wife happy doing something she really enjoys.  Also, the dancing, or more like me stumbling around the dance floor, was great exercise!   I was a little worried what others might think of my ‘moves’ but I didn’t notice the other people at all. I was totally absorbed in learning something new and trying to keep up with my wife!  Actually, my dancing wasn’t a total failure as I remembered some of the dance steps I learned many years ago in the dancing lessons my parents had signed me up for. It was a good experience, and it was both relaxing and reinvigorating to step away from my daily routine of being a business and executive coach, and try something totally different.

Without my wife being on my case about it, this would never have happened.  I certainly would not have come up with this idea on my own.

In a way, it also had to do with something I did a year ago. I went through a personal and professional development executive coaching process (yes, executive coaches use coaches for their own development). After completing the process, I gained new insights about myself and discovered that I was/am a “recovering workaholic” (some people near and dear to me would take issue with the “recovering” part of that description).  With this knowledge, I made it one of my goals to get a better work-life balance.

A good start, but still very vague and hard to pin down, so my coach worked with me to get it to be more specific. The result was a commitment to spend more time with my wife and trying new things together that my wife would like to do. It was this commitment I made during last year’s coaching process that ultimately made it impossible for me to say no to my wife’s deeply held desire to get us to ballroom dancing lessons.

What’s next? More lessons? Definitely! Dancing with the Stars? Why not, at least in front of the TV at home in our family room 🙂


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