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Set Sail

“To reach a port, we must sail —
Sail, not tie at anchor —
Sail, not drift.”
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

In 1932, at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt sailed into office. Energized by his personal victory over polio, FDR’s unfailing optimism and activism contributed to a renewal of the national spirit. In his first hundred days in office, Roosevelt spearheaded major legislation that instituted the New Deal which helped the economy rapidly improve. Even a economic relapse and World War II did not cause FDR to drift; he sailed forth and went on to become a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century.

In our business and executive coaching practice we work with companies and individuals who face roadblocks and challenges. We help them chart our course, set sail, and remind them not to forget to look at the map!

If we stay at anchor or just drift we will never reach our destination.


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