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How to Recommit to Your Abandoned Goals

Abandoned Goals

It’s also a good time to think about and assess the goals you have not achieved. Ask yourself, “are any of my goals indeed important but still receiving little to none of my attention and focus?” These are your abandoned goals.

The questions is, what’s leading you to NOT focus and spend time on goals you acknowledge are important? Here are some insights to consider:

Lack of specifics

Sometimes our goals are too general. Being specific allows you to narrow your focus, better understand what needs to be done, and turn big ideas into manageable steps. For example, wanting to improve the finances of your organization is an idea. “I’m going to spend an hour each week analyzing my company’s cash flow reports” is a specific goal, which leads to more effective management of your financial resources.

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Forgetting the rewards and consequences

Usually, we set goals because of the anticipated benefits of achieving them or the potential consequences of failing to do so. Often, these rewards and consequences are down the road and it’s easy to lose sight of them when there are more immediate items competing for your attention. Don’t allow this to happen. Rewards and consequences are the fuel to keep you motivated and energized.


Challenging goals stretch us to the limits of what we think we can achieve and often cause us to question our skills, abilities and resources.  Because of this, it’s easy to convince ourselves that something is unachievable. We focus on all the reasons something can’t be done instead of thinking positively and reminding ourselves why the goal is important, and how we can accomplish it! Again, don’t fall into the trap of doubt and pessimism.

Develop a short, positive, action-oriented statement that reinforces why you will achieve your goal. For example, this one always works for me. “When I put in the time, the job gets done.”

The road to success is not an easy journey. It involves focusing on the right goals, staying committed to your goals, and overcoming the obstacles along the way.

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