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Strategic planning questionnaire: Are you and your employees on the same page?

Strategic Planning Questionnaire

Have you ever felt you and your employees are not on the same page? Do members of your leadership team have different ideas of what the organization should seek out to achieve? Are your employees performing and acting as you see they should? These are signs of an organization that is not aligned.

To maximize your effectiveness as an organization, all your employees need to be on the same page. Below is a strategic planning questionnaire to help you align your organization.

Alignment of Vision

Having a cohesive team starts with having a shared vision of what you are trying to achieve as an organization. It’s critical that you, your leadership team, and your front line employees are aware of this vision and believe in it.

If an outsider visited your company and asked any employee about the vision, what would the answer be?

Alignment and Understanding of Core Values

Your organizations core values are beliefs which are absolute. They’re the foundation for all decision making. This includes long term decisions about strategy and direction as well as your everyday decisions. Do your employees share their skills and knowledge with other team members? Do employees come in early and leave late? All these actions are a result of your organizational values. Here are two questions to consider:

  • What are your organizations core values?
  • Are these values known and shared throughout the whole company?

Behaviors That Support the Values

It’s critical that your organization has clearly defined values, and that these values are known and shared throughout the company. It’s not enough to stop there, however. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Assess if your employees behaviors are consistent with the values. Also, assess if your behaviors are consistent with the value.

Consider these two questions as well:

  • How do you view your employees’ behaviors in relation to the values?
  • How do they view your behaviors in relation to the values?

Alignment of Organizational Goals

Going back to the vision, it’s not enough to just have a shared vision throughout your organization. All employees must also understand their specific roles, goals, and how they impact the company.

Let’s assume both the vision and overall organizational goals are known throughout the company. Consider the following questions:

  • Do employees know their department goals?
  • Do they understand how their own goals and responsibilities impact the department?
  • Do they understand how their department goals impact the organization?
  • Do they know how their department goals impact other departments?

What You Can Do

Assess if your organization has an aligned vision, shared values, behaviors consistent with your values, and clearly defined goals. Start with yourself. Next, work with your leadership team and then do the same with your front line employees. You will be amazed what that can do for your company!


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