Tips for increasing employee engagement and maximizing employee performance

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Increasing Employee Engagement

If you want to achieve great things as a company, you need complete buy-in from your team members. Are your employees fully engaged, committed, and passionate about the work they do? Are they performing up to their potential? Are you utilizing their strengths, talents, and knowledge?

As a leader, it’s up to you to create the environment where all of these factors can occur. You have the ability to establish a culture that allows your employees to fully engage, commit themselves and maximize their talents.

Here are some tips for increasing employee engagement and maximizing employee performance:

Give them ownership

People generally appreciate a sense of control. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee of a large corporation or a small business, having that sense of control is important. Your employees don’t want to feel like a cog in a machine. They want to feel important, they want to make their own decisions, and they need some sense of autonomy.

Rather than simply assigning tasks, give your employees responsibilities and roles. Communicate the importance of their role, and how it impacts other departments. Listen to them and allow them to make decisions within their roles. Their engagement will increase, their performance will improve, and they might even have suggestions for improvement!

Take “listening” a step further

Your employees are in the trenches. They’re on the front lines. Day to day, they’re the ones following organizational processes; they’re using the company’s tools and equipment; they’re interacting with your clients and customers. If they have a suggestion for speeding up processes, improving equipment, or enhancing interactions with clients, listen to them and take steps to implement their suggestions. This will not only help increase their ability to do their jobs, but will signal to your employees that their voices and opinions matter.

Invite them to participate in planning

People are most motivated when they set their own goals. So why do companies typically set goals for their employees? If you want your employees to really buy into the company and be completely committed and engaged, invite them to participate in organizational planning. Let them play a role in deciding which direction the company is going.  Let them play a part in setting departmental goals. Let them take part in setting their own goals.

What you can do

Realize your employees’ importance. Next, get your employees to recognize and understand their own importance. Give them roles; give them ownership of those roles and allow them to make critical decisions. Listen to them when they have suggestions and, when possible, take action to implement their recommendations. This will make their job easier and demonstrate to them that their voice matters. Invite your employees to help shape where the company is going and how to reach its potential. Allow them to play a role in setting departmental goals and their own goals. Remember, you have the power to create a culture in which your employees can flourish and achieve success for your company!

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