What's holding you back from greatness?

Categories: Goals, Leadership
“You can’t concentrate on doing anything if you are thinking, “What’s gonna happen if it doesn’t go right?” – Malcolm Gladwell

It’s good to weigh potential consequences when faced with a big decision. It’s important to consider what could go wrong and how that will impact you. However, spending too much time thinking about what’s going to happen if things don’t go right is wasted energy. Such thoughts have a tendency to paralyze us and prevent us from taking action. They’re the reason why so many great ideas remain just that, instead of great accomplishments.

Instead, you should invest your time and energies planning and thinking about what you need to do to make sure things do go right. Thus, rather than thinking about what could happen if things don’t go right, concentrate on “What will happen if things do go right – what will that allow me and my business to achieve further, and what is necessary to make this happen?”

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