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Excuses, excuses, excuses… What’s holding you back from achieving your goals?


Successful people embody and live by their goals. They understand what they want to achieve and why it’s important to them.

It all starts by having a big picture vision of what you want to achieve and what success means and looks like to you. This allows you to set meaningful goals and understand why these goals are important to you.

However, more than we’d like, some of our important goals are left unachieved. Why is that? All too often it’s because we let excuses get in the way. How many times have you said to yourself?

  • There’s too much other stuff going on…
  • There’s no time…
  • I’m too busy…

If these excuses often pop up, here are some things to consider:

Is this goal really that important to you?

Sometimes we set goals which we think are really important, but our actions or lack thereof tell us otherwise. If something is truly important to you, you’ll make time for it, no excuses. If you find you are not making much progress on a goal, ask yourself, “is this goal really that important to me?” Only you are able to answer that question.

Are you committed to the challenge?

Big ticket goals are challenging and often require you to adjust your habits, behaviors, and attitudes. For example, achieving your fitness goals may require going to the gym in the wee hours of the morning. Are you committed to going to bed earlier so that you can to do this?

Take stock of your current attitudes, behaviors and habits. Then think about what adjustments and changes are required to achieve your goals, and decide if you are committed and willing to enact them.

Are you committed to investing your time?

With weekly responsibilities, new projects arising, and life happening, of course, there are always many things vying for your attention. However, not having enough time is no excuse for not achieving a goal. Again, if the goal is truly important to you, you’ll find a way to invest the necessary time.

Maybe it’s 30 minutes a day, or maybe it’s an hour once a week. The key is to set aside a certain amount of time to work on your goal. Block a specific time in your calendar to prevent letting your normal routine fill up your day. Most goals are not achieved over night. The key is to have continuous action and progress towards the final outcome.

 Being too busy and not having enough time are not excuses for not achieving your goals.

 Contact us if you want to eliminate excuses and establish plans and processes to achieve your biggest goals, dreams and aspirations.

A Simple Approach To Help You Overcome Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles
“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” 
-John Wooden 

Time and Resources – – two factors which often limit our ability to do certain things. The fact is, there will always be things we cannot do. Fortunately, despite whatever limitations and obstacles may be present, there are always solutions, alternative options available and adjustments that can be made. The key is to focus the mind on the desired outcome and on the things you can do to achieve the end results. This will help you achieve more of your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment when you do so, even if you deviated from the original plan.

Consider Christy Brown. He did not let cerebral palsy and the inability to use his hands prevent him from becoming an artist. He learned to use his left toe to paint.

Another example is the pitcher who takes the mound without his wicked fastball. He can’t stand on the mound and stress over the fact that he can’t throw the ball as fast as usual. No, he relies on his other pitches, mixing and matching speeds and location. He adjusts and finds alternative solutions to win the game.

It’s a simple concept. But for some reason, in the business context it doesn’t seem so simple. Too often, obstacles, limitations and bumps in the road distract us and block us from achieving our goals. Let’s See How You Can Apply This Approach Now:

Limited Time:

Perhaps next week you have plans to attend a networking event where you’ve met good contacts in the past. As the week develops, you realize you don’t have time to do so. You’re disappointed, but don’t be.

If the desired outcome was to develop strong networking relationships, ask yourself what else you can do to achieve this goal. Perhaps, you can further develop existing relationships. Do you have time to pick up the phone and reconnect with three people already in your network?

Limited Resources:

It is always a good time to reach out to current and former clients and thank them for their business. Many people have thoughts of doing this, but their ideas far outreach their resources. Even if you can’t give fancy gifts or host a big event, there are many different ways to thank clients and show your appreciation. Think about what you can do to further progress toward your overall objective.

Obstacles and challenges will always arise. How you respond is what truly matters. When pursuing your goals, keep your focus on what you can do.