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Glenn Kutler Joins The iDIMENSIONS Team

iDIMENSIONS Business Coaches

Typically, we use this platform to challenge you and help you reflect on your professional and personal dreams, aspirations and goals.

Today, however, I’d like to update you on our company goals.

A year ago, while going through a coaching process myself, I realized that I will measure the success of the company not by what the company can do with me, but ultimately, what it can do without me. I set a goal to grow the team.

Three team members, Sandy Mitchell, Jonas Skovdal and Gwen Pemberton, have since joined the team. I am very happy to announce and welcome on board our 5th team member, Glenn Kutler.

Glenn comes to us from the financial world with 30 years of experience helping a wide array of companies reach their goals and achieve success. With iDIMENSIONS, Glenn will continue to emphasize finance and strategy, and their impact on overall organizational effectiveness.

While Glenn is bringing new expertise, tools and processes to the table that address the comprehensive needs of organizations, our new financial offerings still incorporate our foundational goal-oriented approach and structure.

Specifically, Glenn helps clients:

Identify, develop and implement strategies aligned with company culture and goals

When dealing with significant stress and pressure to deliver results, executives and business owners can feel lonely at the top. Glenn acts as a strategic sounding board and provides an external source of support to work through challenges and important business decisions facing you and the organization.

Craft goal oriented decisions based on incisive analysis to deliver positive results

Among many areas of focus, Glenn helps you: develop a better understanding of your cash flow and maximize resources; identify and make goal oriented decisions around current and future funding gaps; and help you decide if you are a suitable candidate for loans or are an attractive option for investors.

Build capacity

Glenn helps clients maximize financial health, develop actionable financial reporting systems, develop a sense of comfort and familiarity with finance, and establish a culture of financial discipline and immersion.

Learn more here about our new offerings, and how they can add value for you and your organization.

Glenn and I are both available to talk by phone or in person so please feel free to contact us. 

Please join me in welcoming Glenn to the iDIMENSIONS team! 

Organizational Alignment: What’s Your 3 Year Vision?

Organizational Alignment

We are all headed somewhere. Where are you and your company headed? Start by asking yourself: Given our current path, what will our company be doing and what will it look like in 3-5 years? Next ask: Where do I want my company to be in 3-5 years? Is the second answer the same as the first? If not, what needs to change? What are you going to do to transition your company to the next level of success?

As a leader, you have the power to create and shape the vision for your company. You have the power to align people and processes with the company’s goals. First, you and your team must establish the vision and direction for your company.

Visualize where you want your company to be in 3-5 years:

  • What does your company look like?
  • What is your company doing?
  • What are you known for?
  • What are people saying about your company, externally and internally?
  • Why do clients and customers keep coming back?

Perhaps, you already have a clear vision of where you want your company to be in 3 years. If so, great, but don’t stop there. What do you and your company need to achieve in 2014 to ensure you are on the right path and getting closer to your vision?

  • What are the immediate areas of focus?
  • What goals can be developed in these areas?
  • What potential obstacles may arise, and how might you address them?
  • What role will you play?

Again, it’s crucial to ask yourself: Is our company’s current path going to land us where we want to be? If so, great, that’s’ fantastic!

If not, establish some clarity around this bigger vision. What’s it going to take to get there? What needs to change? What actions are you going to take? What you do now will determine where you will be in the future.

Do you have a big vision for your company? We want to hear about it! We’re offering 2 FREE coaching sessions. Fill out the form below and let’s talk about transitioning your company to the next level of success.