Financial Solutions & Services

Our financial coaching programs bring new expertise, tools and processes to the table that address the comprehensive needs of organizations. 

The focus is still on strategy, people and processes and all programs incorporate our foundational goal-oriented approach and structure. The specifics of our programs, and how they relate to and address your needs, are below:

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Critical Financial Decisions 

  • Maximize Resources - Cash Flow Focused Forecasting and Planning: Is your business operating under resource constraints? Are you burning through cash quicker than anticipated? Is your cash spending producing the desired results? Our coaches help you maximize your resources. We help you develop a firm understanding of how much cash is coming in, how much is going out, and when these exchanges are occurring. Our coaches work side by side with you to develop clear understandings of your cash flows, use resources more effectively, and craft goal oriented short term and long term spending decisions.
  • Maximize Returns - Strategic Investing and Resource Deployment: Are you facing an investment decision that could potentially expand your markets and build your business? Our coaches will help you make sound decisions about adding resources - human and capital - to meet the needs of your customers and enable your company to grow successfully.
  • Innovation - Managing Risk: Are you dealing with uncertainties about which new market to enter or what new product to introduce? Our coaches help you evaluate the competitive landscape and quantify the potential for financial return.   We work with you to help you make the right decisions about innovation and stay on course to achieve organizational goals.
  • Financing - Debt and Equity Optimization: Are you a suitable candidate for loans and an attractive option to investors? Our coaches help you develop a plan for financing your company that fits with your personal, professional and organizational goals.

Building Capacity and Maximizing Financial Health 

  • Financial Tune Up: Are your financial numbers reflecting the best possible results? Do you need help identifying the most pressing issues? Our coaches work with you, looking at your cash flows, working capital, balance sheet, and payables, and help you pinpoint, understand and resolve challenges present, and identify opportunities available to make things better.
  • Actionable Reporting: Are your financial reports highlighting the metrics that matter most for your business? Are you actively measuring the performance of your business and quickly able to identify where action is required? Our coaches set you up with actionable financial reporting. We work with you to develop a better understanding of the drivers of success for your business. With the right tools and knowledge, you are able to make better decisions and improve results.

Building Capacity and Strengthening Financial Foundations 

  • Finance Focused Team Building: Are you looking to establish a culture of financial discipline for your business? Do you want financial metrics and analysis to be the basis for important business decisions? We work with you and your team to help you develop and implement a culture of financial discipline and immersion.
  • Fast Track Financial Immersion: Have you recently transitioned into a new executive position that requires more financial knowledge and action? Is there new or increasing focus on raising capital, profit, sales and budgeting? Our coaches work side by side with you, acting as an external source of support as you confront challenges and opportunities. Our coaches also engage you in a process designed to enhance your understanding of and comfort with your new role.

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