Behavioral & Organizational Assessments

OPTO Personality Test

The personality test OPTO empowers hiring managers, HR professionals and business partners to instantly source, filter and recruit talent based on objective performance criteria, built-in analytics, and intuitive reporting.

OPTO is flexible and performance focused and it enables organizations to be much more efficient and profitable in their recruitments.

Using the OPTO personality test you can:

  • Reduce bias
  • Improve quality of hire
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Reduce time spend-per-hire
  • Reduce total cost


OPTO is based on the Big Five model that measures 8 Dimensions of personality relevant for performance at work and general job success. 

Each Dimension includes Aspects that measure specific elements of that Dimension. This provides flexibility in terms of required level of complexity and detail. 

Application areas

OPTO is suitable for use with employees at all levels across a range of applications: 

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Individual development
  • Leadership evaluation and development
  • Outplacement
  • Talent management
  • Organizational development


OPTO is available in different languages. There are national as well as international norms available. 


OPTO meets the highest international standards for professional tests. Extensive documentation has been performed to provide evidence of reliability and validity.