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Sandy Mitchell
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Sandy Mitchell

​​​​​​​Sandy has extensive prior experience in leading and managing large international nonprofits. She focuses her coaching in the areas of:

  • leadership development
  • team building
  • planning and goal setting
  • communication – and in particular intercultural communication
  • working effectively with teams, including in multicultural environment
  • cultural and emotional intelligence
  • nonprofit governance

Sandy applies her coaching skills across business and nonprofit sectors, working with individuals and teams. She employs organizational and personal assessments in her coaching, also in helping businesses and organizations in their recruitment and development of high performance leaders and staff.
Clients have ranged from a CEO of an international non-profit, CEO and leadership team of company providing technical services to universities, and a senior executive at a major US bank, to a sole entrepreneur starting her own business.

Sandy also conducts workshops and is current providing courses to agencies and employees of the City of New York. These include topics such as how to become more effective in a multicultural workplace, and bridging communication styles.

Prior to becoming a business and executive coach, Sandy was the Executive Director of the International YMCA, held various leadership positions over the course a many years with AFS Intercultural Programs, serving at the end as Intercultural Education Officer, and taught English at a Teacher Training College in Thailand with the Peace Corps.

Sandy is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles with a B.A. in Diplomacy and World Affairs. She is a certified business and executive coach (certified by Trusted Advisors Network, formerly RAC) and is certified to administer and evaluate the Advanced Insights assessments (Disc, Values Index and the Attribute Index), assessments for recruitment of staff who fit job requirements (OPTO) and behavior and motivation styles in the workplace (EASI), and the Intercultural Development Inventory.

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