About Us


Our Partners are an important extension of the iDIMENSIONS team and we are grateful for our affiliation with them.

Trusted Advisors

iDIMENSIONS is an affiliate of Trusted Advisors (TAN). Over the last 40 years, TAN has established and continues to grow a network of Trusted Advisors who have the talent and expertise to help individuals and organizations transform their defined outcomes. The Trusted Advisors network of 225 consultants and coaches are helping clients by facilitating time-tested solutions.

Global Human Resource Lead Partners

iDIMENSIONS is Partner of Global Human Resource Lead Partners (GHRLP) based in Mumbai, India. GHRLP is a solutions provider of distinctive, client-centric solutions for organization and people related challenges and helps expand the capacity of iDIMENSIONS to help clients with business in different parts of the world.

Master International

The partnership with Master International A/S provides iDIMENSIONS with access to a powerful, complete, and easy-to-use suite of professional, online HR assessment tools. Master International is a global company headquartered in Denmark.


Chambers of Commerce

iDIMENSIONS is a member of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford (DE), and the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce (PA).

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