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Speaking Engagements

iDIMENSIONS coaches are available to speak at your next engagement or meeting. We cover many topics and can tailor the delivery to meet your needs. We do presentations, speeches, and keynotes.  We also do half day and full day workshops. We facilitate meetings and all of our activities are tailored to meet your needs. If there is something you need, we can help. Here are some examples of the topics we cover:

    • Fail-Safe Leadership: Discussion about meeting and correcting the leadership challenges in an organization by advancing a results-based definition of leadership.


    • Goal Setting: The importance of individual goal setting, and creating the future you always wanted.


    • Innovation through the Eyes of the Customer: How to help grow an organization by looking at their business through the most critical lens … the eyes of their customers.


    • A Product of Our Past – Bridging the Generation Gap: What happens when generation X meets generation Y?  Action steps that enhance cross generational cooperation and communication in order to protect the longevity of an organization.


    • How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Business World: How can organizations define their sustainability and create a new normal?


    • Team Building: Knowledge is not power – applied knowledge is power. What role can leaders within an organization play in the creation of high performing teams?


    • Change Management: Different approaches to leading and managing change.


    • Time Strategies: Getting More Out of Your Time through Effective Time Management


    • The Importance of Intercultural Learning or “Why Yes Doesn’t Always Mean Yes:” Experiences and reflections of our time working with people from/in 60+ countries.


    • Ulysses S. Grant: A Leadership Perspective.


  • Many other possible topics: Depends on the interest of the audience.  We can meet your needs.

Contact Us and we will speak at your event