Leadership Development & Team Building

Succession Planning Services

We partner with you and your organization to help you identify, groom and develop the next generation of leaders.

As an organization, it's critical that your successors are ready for the challenge and opportunity. Is your successor ready for the leadership challenge?

A mistake many organizations make is to promote the most skilled worker. In this situation the organization suffers in two ways. One, you are removing an employee from a role in which he or she was highly productive. Two, you're filling a leadership vacancy with someone who is not experienced or skilled for that role.

Our succession planning services help you assess the leadership potential of various candidates. We engage your successors and help them develop the needed knowledge, attitudes and skills for leadership.

What more could your successors achieve if they were ready for the job from day one?

We Can Help If:

  • You have aging leadership teams
  • You wish to encourage internal promotion
  • New leaders lack leadership experience and skills

Succession planning for small business owners

We work with business owner who is preparing to sell the business to key employees or pass it down to the next generation. Successful succession planning for small business owners involves many critical aspects. Our focus is on helping you prepare your business for sustained and lasting success after your departure.

We engage your successor(s) to help them develop the necessary knowledge, comfort, and leadership skills to take the business forward. We work with you and your successor(s) to transfer and develop a shared vision and direction for the company moving forward. When multiple successors are involved, we engage them to define roles, and develop team cohesion.

Are your successors ready for the challenge ahead?

We Can Help If:

  • Family successor(s) are not quite ready to lead the business (elaborate on this more/reword)
  • Internal successors do not agree on the direction the company should take
  • Internal successors might not function well together as a team after your absence